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Molecule Earrings


Jewelry has always been an outward form of self-expression and can often lead to conversations. So, why not use jewelry to start conversations about science?

Indeed, many have done just that. The most notable is Made With Molecules, which has a collection of well-made metal molecule necklaces and earrings.

With the recent advancements in 3D printing, jewelry making has become easy enough to do yourself (DIY) and has allowed for previously impossible designs, such as those created by Nervous Systems. The ability to customize your own appearance to convey your interests and values is empowering. Hence, I decided to 3D print my own earrings.

For my first project, I picked a simple molecule representation of resveratrol, a compound found it red wine that may have anti-aging effects (although research on its effect in humans is currently inconclusive). This molecule is planar with two benzene rings (represented as hexagons) and three hydroxyl groups (represented as circles), making it simple to design. I used Autodesk 123D software.


My initial design had line widths of 1.5 mm, which turned out to be too flimsy and forced me to increase the width to 2.5 mm. I am pretty pleased with the final print.



Download and make your own:

Solid benzene version: [ Thingiverse ] [ GitHub ]
Open benzene version: [ Thingiverse ] [ GitHub ]

Thanks to Patrik D., Maria C., and Biocurious for help with printing.

— Posted 9 months ago
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