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Best of Science Plushies

Who doesn’t love cute fluffy creatures with beady eyes? When you add science to that mix, it is pure awesome! Here are some of our favorite science plush toys.



This extensive line of super-magnified microbes, viruses, and cells are arguably the most popular science plushes out there. Some of these microbes are deadly and infectious, while others are friendly and live in your body. Either way, all of them are ridiculously cute.


I Heart Guts

You are made up of your smily organs. Now you can love them back with this line of plush organs. In addition to plushies, these organs also come as clothing, keychains, etc.


Particle Zoo

Feeling sad because you can’t see dark matter? No problem, you can cuddle this line of sub-atomic particle plushes from dark matter to Higgs Boson to Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.


Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

These scientist finger puppets can sure give you a hand on solving tough problems. Be sure to check out their full collection of dolls and puppets of notable individuals like Plato, Da Vinci, and Sherlock Holmes.



A shameless plug for our own plush project: Biochemies is a set of DNA nucleotide plush toys. Happy Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine display their chemical structures while interacting with each other where they naturally hydrogen bond.

Have a science plushie to recommend? Feel free to email us suggestions.

— Posted 10 months ago
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