When asked to imagine a scientist, most people see an older male with crazy hair wearing a lab coat who is socially awkward. This is in fact far from the truth. Scientists today come from diverse backgrounds, are male and female, and have hobbies outside of science. Scientists are normal people, and they are all around us.

Science Couture aims to:

  • Get everyone excited about science
  • Inspire youths to pursue science and technology careers
  • Promote diversity in science
  • Encourage scientists to pursue art

Science Couture utilizes art and fashion to communicate science. Fashion is public, hence allowing scientists and science supporters to be easily identified in public places. Just as tech companies have used logo-emblazoned t-shirts to spread their brand, we hope increased visibility of scientific concepts will spark conversations, curiosity, and changes in the public perception of science.

Founder & Principal Scientist/Designer - Jun Axup, PhD

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Feel free to contact us with any comments or collaboration proposals at hello@scicouture.com or via our contact form. We are also open to contract projects.